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Megaproject Sinj u sridu (Sinj in centre) is designed as an integrated project of renewal and embellishing unique cultural heritage of Sinj. Project, worth 66.594.231,17 kunas (European Union funding amounts for 55.597.793,26 kunas), is focused on reconstruction, renewal and revitalization of immovable cultural heritage and valorisation of intangible cultural heritage.

Within this project streets were reconstructed, and entire urban city core was equipped. Also, Stari Grad fort was arranged as well as Kamičak fort and a bell tower. Building Palacina was also renewed, which is of exceptional cultural-historical value. Here a completely new, arranged Museum of Cetina region will be located, together with multifunctional hall for presentation of traditional crafts and products. This is especially important for numerous family rural households, small crafts and cooperatives dealing with production of autochthonous products and souvenirs. From now on they will be able to present and sell their products throughout the year.

They also plan to build Interpretation-educational centre on Sinj hippodrome, on almost 2500m2. Centre is planned as a space where visitors will be able to participate in Alka’s horse-riding school, and feel real presence and vicinity of noble horses from Alka’s stables at first-hand, and even feel original Alka costumes.

On this project, together with City of Sinj as project holder, another five project partners are involved that are relevant for social and economic development of the region and management of cultural heritage: the Alka Knights Society, Museum of the Cetina Region, public institution RERA for the coordination and development of Split-Dalmatia County, the Tourist Board of Sinj and FLORAMI Sinj.

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