Biser Dalmatinske zagore

  • The Cetina region has historically and culturally been determined by the Cetina river and its tributaries. The Cetina is not merely a setting for splendid natural beauty, but the source of life for the people of the Cetinska krajina region.

    This potable water flows between the mountains of Dinara and Kamešnica in the northwest, and the mountain of Svilaja in the western part, creating a special impact on people’s lives and customs.

    Along its course, the Cetina river irrigates the fields of the Cetinska krajina region, which have sustained the local population for centuries.

    Those inclined towards adrenaline challenges, as well as those seeking peace and quiet far from throngs of people, will find their wishes granted by the Cetina. Always cold, the Cetina river offers countless possibilities and attractions as yet undiscovered to many. Intact, preserved original Dalmatia in its hinterland provides the visitor with an opportunity to tread the paths of the brave Delmats, Roman legions, medieval princes and indomitable people of the Cetina region.



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